For Christmas 2001, Santa brought my 8 year old grandson, Joshuah, an N-scale model railroad layout.  Of course, his grandpa added a few accessories that Santa forgot to put on the sleigh Christmas night.  

The prototype for the model RR will be loosely based on the Western Maryland RR line of the 1930's-1950's.  I say loosely based because an 8 year old is more interested in fun than authenticity.  

Over the 2001 Christmas holiday's Josh and I plan to construct the layout Santa brought him.  The 3' x 6' layout was built by Santa's helpers at Woodland Scenics and is called Scenic Ridge.  This is basically a "layout- in-a-box", so it should be fun and relatively easy for the two of us to build together.   The layout will run a freight and passenger line.  The primary locomotive will be a Baldwin 2-8-0 steam locomotive made by Bachmann.

Use the tabs at the left to learn more about our N-scale adventure and follow our work-in-progress.

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