My wife has always accompanied me on the Tour Nebraska events but this year she was unable to travel due to some health problems.  I didn't really plan on going but she insisted that I go and take my Grandson, Josh.  He kind of hinted around last year that he thought it would be neat to go on the tour.  So I decided it would be good for him and I to spend a little "male-bonding" time together.

The tour this year was organized a little differently than in the past.  All the other tours I've gone on have always been two day events, Saturday and Sunday.  Of course not everyone drove the tour on both days, but everyone signed up for both days, whether they actually drove them or not.  This year the tour organizers decided to give everyone a choice of what days they wanted to drive -  Saturday only, Sunday only, or both Saturday and Sunday.  This way, the organizers had a much better handle on how many people to plan for on each day.  In the past it was pretty much a guess, as a lot of people bugged out after the first day.

Even though Josh was eager to go, I thought 2 full days of driving might be a little more than an active, 11 year old could handle, even with the Game Boy, CD player, and DVD player he brought along.  So, I signed up to go on the Saturday drive only.

As it turned out, after our tour on Saturday he was disappointed that we weren't going to drive the Sunday tour also.  And other than the trip to and from Lincoln (the home base for the tour) I don't think he ever broke out any of his electronic "time-killers" while we were on the tour.  We took in the scenery, talked and general had a swell time.  If he goes with me next year, I'll sign us up for both days.

This year's tour covered the southeast portion of Nebraska and a tiny part of Kansas and covered just a little over 300 miles.  

To give you a flavor of the trip, use your mouse to follow our route, marked in green.  Start at Lincoln and head east.  When you come across a link in the road, click on it to take a little side trip, where you'll find a little information about the various stops along the way.

June 4, 2005



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