I didn't know if we were going to get to go on the tour this year.  We had thoroughly enjoyed the 2003 tour and we were really looking forward to this year's tour.  However, Maych had developed some serious engine trouble when we were returning from a car show in Fullerton, Nebraska late last summer.  I was so bummed out over the engine trouble that rather than tackle the job myself I took him to a local mechanic.  I told him I wasn't in any hurry because I don't drive Maych in the winter.  He agreed to keep Maych inside (and covered) and would work on him as time permitted during the winter.  For various reasons (not the least of which was my own procrastination in making decisions) spring of 2004 rolled around and Maych still wasn't ready for the road.  Knowing that the tour and show season was fast approaching, we finally got going and Maych was ready for the road by the middle of April.  Sometime in the future I will chronicle the rather drastic work we did to get Maych road worthy again.  Look for this sad tale in the Progress section. 

This year's tour covered the south west portion of Nebraska and a tiny part of Colorado.   The route for the first day of the tour overlapped on some segments of the route.  To avoid confusion, I broke the first day's route into the three segments shown on the following three maps.

To give you a flavor of the trip, use your mouse to follow our route, marked in green.  Start at North Platte on the first map and head west toward Oshkos.  When you come across a link in the road, click on it to take a little side trip, where you'll find a little information about various stops along the way.

  Day 1 - June 5, 2004




Day 2 - May 6, 2004


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