The 2003 "Tour Nebraska" was the first NRCA tour my wife and I went on.  It was also our longest trip since finishing Maych's restoration, so we were a little nervous.  As it turned out Maych past his first test with flying colors.  We drove the entire 600 miles with absolutely no troubles of any kind.  Driving 300 miles each day was a little tiring, but we stopped often (can't go too far at 10 mpg) and just being with 250 other vehicles helped the miles slip by pretty fast.  We had a wonderful time and plan to go on the tour again next year.

To give you a flavor of the trip, use your mouse to follow our route, marked in green.  Start at Norfolk and head west toward O"Neill.  When you come across a link in the road, click on it to take a little side trip, where you'll find a little information about various stops along the way.

  Day 1 - May 1, 2003


  Day 2 - May 2, 2003

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