I didn't begin the restoration of Maych with the intent of building a show truck.  My restoration goal was to keep him as original as practical, but I didn't want to get so carried away that I would be afraid to drive him.  Basically, I wanted to return him to the condition he would have been in after the first owner had driven him for a couple of years

However, part of the enjoyment of owning vintage vehicles is to share your enjoyment with others that are also fans of these old gas guzzlers.  And a good place to find these kind of folks is at car shows.  During the spring and summer months in Nebraska there is a car show held nearly every weekend in some part of the state.  Some of the shows draw hundreds of vehicles and people, while others are rather modest affairs attracting only 1 or 2 vehicles in each class.  I've entered Maych in both kinds with equal enjoyment.

Car shows are great places to meet other car enthusiasts, compare restoration techniques, find out where hard-to-find parts can be had, and just admire other's work.  They are also great places to take the whole family for an enjoyable day with little expense.  The entry fee for most shows is less than $15.00.  The most expensive part is the gas to drive there.  But hey, if I wanted to save money on gas I'd have rebuilt a Yugo.

I've had varying success at the car shows I've entered attended.  Sometimes I bring home a trophy or plaque and other times just memories, but I have enjoyed all of them equally well, whether I won anything or not.

The tabs on the left chronicle my car show adventures by year.  Hopefully, I'll keep adding tabs as the years go by.

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