The following table chronicles my progress in Maych's restoration.  I'll add to the table as the work progresses, so check back from time to time.  


And so it begins... 19. Paint and Body: Getting Started
2. Cab Interior: Dash 20. Paint and Body: The Body
3. Cab Interior: Roof 21. Paint and Body: Paint Prep
4. Cab Interior: Doors (2 parts) 22. Paint and Body: Painting
5. Wheels (2 parts) 23. Bringing Maych Home
6. Exterior Trim: An Introduction 24. Together Again: Carpet and Seat
7. Exterior Trim: Mirror and Doors 25. Together Again: Door Panels (2 parts) 
8. Exterior Trim: Getting It Off 26. Together Again: Exterior Trim (2 parts)
9. Exterior Trim: Emblems 27. Boyz N The Hood: A Beginning
10. Exterior Trim: Grill 28. Boyz N The Hood: The Bottom
11. Exterior Trim: Tailgate 29. Boyz N The Hood: Parts & Pieces
12. Exterior Trim: Bumpers 30. Boyz N The Hood : Engine Bay 
13. Exterior Lights 31. Boyz N The Hood : The Top 
14. Hardware and Such 32. Boyz N The Hood : He Lives!
15. Frame Paint 33. The Finishing Touches
16. Exhausted 34. Disaster Strikes
17. Radiator Debacle 35. Miss Adventures
18. Paint and Body: The Quest    

I use the term "restoration" rather broadly.  My "restoration" work loosely falls into the following kinds of activities:

  • Fixing stuff that's broke

  • Replacing stuff that's broke

  • Making stuff that isn't broke work better/smoother

  • Making stuff that isn't broke look better

  • Hiring other people to do any of the above that I don't have the know-how to do, don't have the tools to do, or just don't want to do

During the course of my research (more on that later) I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 basic types of restoration -- Puritanical, Prudent, and Unique.

Puritanical -- Disassembling the entire vehicle, then putting it back together so it looks better than it did when it came off the assembly floor, while at the same time, striving to maintain originality in every detail.  These vehicles usually spend their post-restoration lives in trailers and/or garages in between beauty shows.

Prudent -- Returning the vehicle to good mechanical condition and cosmetic appearance but not striving to return every part to "factory" condition or trying to maintain 100% originality.  These vehicles are drivers, some daily and others only occasionally (usually when the weather's nice), but they are always driven.

Unique -- This often involves complete disassembly also but the final product has little resemblance to the original.  These are the "head-turners" with big wheels, big engines, and fantastic paint jobs.

In reality, most people wind up doing a little of each type of restoration -- puritanical where you can, prudent where you have to, and maybe a little unique thrown in just for fun.  

With Maych's restoration, I'm striving for a combination of puritanical and prudent, with a heavy emphasis on the prudent.  I want to keep him as original as practical, but I don't want to restore it to the point where I'm afraid to drive it.  It won't be a daily driver but I want to drive it often.   The puritanical part of the restoration means I will not be adding anything that did not come stock on the vehicle -- no HEI ignition, rally wheels, headers, chrome plated air cleaner, bucket seats, etc.  The prudent part of the restoration means I won't insist that every part I replace has to be a genuine GM part, nor will I completely disassemble him to restore each nut and bolt.  If I can return (and maintain) him in the condition he was in after the first owner had driven him for 2 to 3 years, I'll be happy.

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