And so it begins

Cab Interior: Dash


Cab Interior: Roof

Cab Interior: Doors



Exterior Trim: An Introduction

Exterior Trim: Mirror and Doors

Exterior Trim: Getting It Off

Exterior Trim: Emblems

Exterior Trim: Grill

Exterior Trim: Tailgate


Exterior Trim: Bumpers

Exterior Lights

Hardware and Such

Frame Paint




Radiator Debacle

Paint and Body: The Quest


Paint and Body: Getting Started

Paint and Body: The Body

Paint and Body: Paint Prep

Paint and Body: Painting

Bringing Maych Home

Together Again: Carpet and Seat

Together Again: Door Panels

Together Again: Exterior Trim

Boyz N The Hood: A Beginning

Boyz N The Hood: The Bottom

Boyz N The Hood: Parts & Pieces

Boys N The Hood: Engine Bay

Boys N The Hood: The Top

Boys N The Hood: He Lives!

Final Touches

Disaster Strikes


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