The table below lists the costs associated with the restoration of a 1930 Magic Chef kitchen stove.

Date Item Source Cost
07/25/01 1930 Magic Chef Kitchen Stove Mr. Bob Engel


08/12/01 Ceramit Alpha Supply, Inc. $26.25
08/22/01 Stove Bright High Temp Paint Out of Business $44.62
08/28/01 Stainless Steel Nuts, Bolts, Washers Aaron's General Store $182.61
09/12/01 Vintage Range Valve Cream Antique Gas Stoves $17.75 
10/15/01 Repair Oven Thermostat Unity Stove of Florida $287.90
11/10/01 Insulation Homestead Vintage Stove Company $34.75
11/17/01 Burner Cover Spring Westlake Hardware $2.12
11/19/01 Reporcelain Stove Top Grate Antique Gas Stoves $100.00
11/19/01 Rechrome Oven Racks Antique Gas Stoves $80.00
11/19/01 Rechrome Roasting Rack Antique Gas Stoves $25.00
N/A Misc Supplies Various Sources $50.00
TOTAL $1,151.00




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