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Barney Romo |
Iread your story about Maych and really enjoyed it.Great web site.
21 July 2006 - Waco Tx

Larry P. Jamison |
I have a 70 C10, it was my Grandpa's. He bought it new in 69. It only has 70,000 miles on it. I drive it often. It feels like he's there with me when i Drive it. I also have a 66 GMC. I love old trucks. I just wanted to sat that I spent the last 3 days reading your Web Site, to me it is the best thing I have ever read on the Net. I work for Goodyear and have traveled alot in my career. I now live in Topeka, Ks. I go to lots of swap meet/car shows. I hope to maybe meet you and Maych someday. great Truck, you did a very good job of letting outsiders in on your Project. One thing though is what did you do for a couch when you put the seat back in the truck? Just kidding. Thanks a million, LPJ
20 July 2006 - Topeka, Ks

Bernie Brasch
I found your website from the stove bolt website and could not believe what I was looking at. Your truck and website are excellent and very informative. Thank you for everything that is there. I own a 1972 Chevrolet Super Cheyenne long bed pickup. I am the second owner and I have had it for 20 years. I have re done the engine in mine and it runs great. You have renewed my spirit to do to my truck what you have accomplished on your truck. I am thinking about retiring in the next year or so and want to start my project then. I am gathering up new parts a little at a time. My truck is yellow and white. I am not crazy about the color but when I paint it, it will be all original color like yours. Thanks again for all the info I have found on your site.

Bernie Brasch
9 May 2006

Gary Zimmerman |
The truck is nice but the history makes the whole thing better. You did good.
20 March 2006 - eagle Michigan

Anthony Smith | |

Maych is quite impressive and your ability to chronicle the process, is very impressive. Best of luck to you and Maych in the future. I hope you win every show you enter.

Best regards,

15 March 2006 - Overland Park, KS

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