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Allan Magee |
Johnny, I really enjoyed your restoration story and hope you have many pleasurable miles to come with MAYCH. My dad restored Advance Design trucks when I was little and he eventually rebuilt one for each of my two brothers and myself. My dad passed away 2 years ago, aged 82 but I still have my '51 GMC that he rebuilt for me and my youngest son will inherit it. Last year I bought a '53 5-window Chevy at an auction that my oldest son will get. Then about 2 months ago I happened to find another '53 5-window Chevy straight and all original, down to the radio, that I bought for myself to restore. Thanks for putting your web site out for all to enjoy!
1 May 2007 - Kuna, Idaho

Jon SS |
I am amazed by your site! You could have easily published this information into a great GMC restoration book. I have been looking for quite some time for an excellent restoration guidebook and your website chronicles fit the need quite nicely. Thank you for taking the time and effort to document and publish all your glorious work. Terrific site documenting a terrific restoration and truck.
22 April 2007 - Sacramento, CA

Bob Breeding |
Hi Johnny- I was web surfing, looking for a way to repair poreclain enamel cookware and found your very interesting site. & I am interested in more info about 2-part, low temperature cure Ceramit (which I found out about on your site.) My research leads me to believe that chemically it is likely safe to use on cookware, but I cannot find info on its upper temperature tolerance, or who manufactures it (so I can ask them.) If you can share any info it would be appreciated. Lot of nice old cookware being tossed for want of a method of repairing chipped enamel!

Also- nice truck! I enjoyed perusing your info & photos!

Thanks, BobB
27 January 2007 - North Stonington, CT ( CT people refer to as

Steve Head |
I had a 1969 GMC 1/2 pickup as a young fellow (from when I was 18 until I was 24). My father bought it when I was 16, and I inherited it when I graduated from high school. I took my wife to the hospital in it when our first of four children was born. I have recenly been trying to find out infomration on the 1967-72 GMC-Chev pickups and happened onto this site. I really like the site, the information on the site, and the General Motors small trucks of that 6 year window of time. Lot's of luck with MAYCH.
12 December 2006 - Hendersonville, TN

Ivan Acosta |
Hi Mr.pattson is great to have a old truck especially when you now so much about it,
i live in mexico and im restoring a 71 c10 long bed. and even i dont now anything about this truck. im planining to star mi new history in an old truck along with mi son, so he will have some history to tell about this truck when i have part.

tank you for your forum.
28 October 2006 - mexico

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