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Great site! Informative and just a good read. Having nearly completed my own C20 restoration I can truly appreciate the issues you've encountered and the calm and clever ways you dealt with them. Good luck!
5 July 2008 - Minneapolis, MN

Gene Jr
Great site, Great everything. You really did a fantastic job with everything. I found it to be both entertaining and educational. I do appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Stay happy and healthy. God Bless
14 May 2008 - Los Banos, California

Tom Kremer |
Hi Johnny Excellant site and very nice result on the 72; looks awsome. Got your website from a fella in the U.K. oddly enuf. Just bought a '72 Grande Sierra as well. Gonna be spending some time in it and under it i think. Should be fun. thanx for the info sir and Good luck take care
14 April 2008 - Edmonton Alberta,

Impressive. You're an inspiration to other car enthusiast. This is a story about a man that never gives up. I'm glad everything worked out for you.
1 March 2008 - Austin, Tx
Webmaster comments   Very nice words. Thank you.

Karla Allingham |
This is your old neighbor from Fort Collins. I just talked to April and had to check out you website. You both along with Joshuah did a great job on April's kitchen. This stove is great. Tell Judy hello.
Karla Allingham
9 February 2008 - Fort Collins, Colorado

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