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Brad |
A friend of mine just today told me about this site. My first vehicle when I was 16 was a 1972 GMC 1500, -2- tone green with a steering wheel that should have been in bus as everyone knows. There is something about these trucks that never leaves your heart. I wish I had the girl today too restore her as you have done to Maych. Cool story about the name. You should be proud of the truck.

22 November 2008 - Saskatoon Canada

Jesse |
What a gorgeous GMC! You've spent much time, effort and money to get it finished. . . and it looks fabulous! It is refreshing to see a true restoration as opposed to a "restification". Your truck is what these fine vehicles were meant to look like! I really enjoyed your site, and I found it to be very informative and entertaining. Maybe my 1971 GMC Custom & my 1972 Chevrolet C/10 will be that nice one day. I wish you the best, and once again, my compliments to you on a fine job.
By the way, I know exactly how you feel about finding an acceptable repair shop. . . it seems to become more difficult every year.
13 November 2008 - Ellaville, GA

Brent Peterson |
What a beautiful truck. You've done a great job of restoring it as it should be, not all customized as some people would. I've always loved this body style and am waiting for the right one to come along so I can begin a restoration of my own.
10 September 2008 - South Dakota

Lanny J Fruchey |
Great site. I learned a few things about my truck from your site. I have restored a 72 6 ft. Stepside with factory air, buckets, console, and tiltwheel. I am surprised to find so many 72 truck owners.
Again, great job.

23 July 2008 - Washington, Michigan

Anders Landström |
Maych was great to read about! The text, pics and layout was all great.
I got my C20 '70 CST as a rusted, but fairly complete object in late '03. Still haven't done anything to it other than moving it around to work with the other cars. It has a 327 actually - that was what caught my interest.

I will keep returning to this great site to get inspiration!

Thanks for your story - and the price you paid and the salt infestation reducing the number of objects - I can relate to it!
5 July 2008 - Stockholm, Sweden

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