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Chad |
Thanks so much for documenting your adventures with Maych! I stumbled upon your site while researching how to re-dye interior door panels. I recently bought an old Chevy C10, and have plans to do a "poor man's" interior restoration. Your truck is beautiful! I enjoyed reading about (and learning from) your experiences. Thanks again!
10 May 2009 - Belton, Missouri

Vince |
Thanks a lot for your thorough restoration notes. The 72 was my first pickup and I loved it. Wrecked it but loved it. With your rundown of all the numerous parts and peices it got me itching to get another one. I am now looking to start my own search and rescue of a classic work horse! I'm a fan of a flat green with flat black trim and accents any comments?
8 May 2009 - Northern California (Bay Area)

Don Marty |
Your work on Maych and your excellent documentaion of the process on your web page has inspired me to get my 1972 GMC Sierra Grande out of the back corner of the garage and get it running again. I bought it in 1973 as a wreck from an insurance company and rebuilt it. I drove it daily until 1990 when I covered it up and parked it in the garage. It hasn't run since. It has 137K miles on it and is pretty good shape yet. Thanks again!
11 January 2009 - Verona, Wisconsin

Allen |
I'm enjoying your site very much. I think it is wonderful you have chronicled your efforts. I am inspired to try the same. I am actually a Ford guy. I hope this doesn’t offend the other viewers, but I feel Make and Model are not as important as the experience that is our common bond. I am starting on a 1961 Ford Unibody pickup. I hope to bring it to the quality you have with yours.
5 January 2009 - Southern, West Virginia

Mike |
I am restoring a 1972 Cheyenne that I have owned since 1992. I graduated from High School in 72 so I think I might hang on to it for awhile. I would enjoy seeing more photos if you have them for reference. Your truck looks great! I hope mine turns out as nice.
15 December 2008 - Ashland, Ohio

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