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Jason Carpp |
Nice looking truck. I've always loved Chevys and GMC pickup trucks of this vintage. Do you still have the truck, or have you sold it? I have always loved two-tone colours. Red and white with chrome Sierra Grande trim, very nice!
22 February 2010 - Seattle, Washington

Larry |
I was very inspired reading your article. After having owned several Chev and GMC trucks over the years, I have just recently bought a low mileage mostly rust free all original 72 GMC Super Custom 1500. I intend to restore it to its former glory with a few little custom touches along the way. Thanks!
2 January 2010 - Calgary, Canada

David Craun |
I loved the story of you and your truck. It has helped me find even more affection for my own old GMC. I daily drive a 1970 GMC K1500, and it has never let me down. I hope that some day I can afford to give it the proper restoration it deserves. At some point in the past a prior owner had done a budget minded restoration that resulted in a LOT of Bondo. Time, space, money.all it will take to get it done right. HEH HEH HEH.

In the mean time I will continue to use it as the truck it is, fix the things that go wrong and be proud of driving an American classic.

I will be sure to check back for further installments!
27 September 2009 - Leesburg, VA

Austin |
Thank you for your very detailed record of your restoration project (especially the costs and providers). I'm in the thinking about it stage.
A very eye-opening journey!
31 August 2009 - Dallas

Tim Storey |
I have enjoyed your web site. I have the same truck in a 72 SWB 4x4, Sierra Grande with Hickey Sidewinder Winch. I am looking to do a similar restoration in the near future and enjoyed looking at your job as a reference. Looks Great.
17 May 2009 - California

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