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david w harris
People say "Chevy/GMC same thing",however try restoring a 1968 GMC 3/4 ton,longbed stepside 4wd,305v6,4speed to original specifications, and see what happens.
17 April 2010 - bristol,ct.06010

Jerry |
WOW, what attemtion to deatil.Glad you took the time to restore this old GMC and being here in the East coast all we have to work with are rusted out old hulks that go for 5k or so, a quick note, I worked at a GMC Dealer in 1976 and they had all these parts lying around and then the dealer went belly up, so I got the parts for pennies and went to a local swap meet during the 80's and made a tidy profit, especially on the chome and the door panels, had 1 drivers side in that PARCHMENT color and got like 50 bucks for it!!!!!!!! Again, great job and are you on the 67-72 chevy PU BOARD????
29 March 2010 - Mid Altlantic

Dave Lightle |
Hey John! I stumbled onto your site tonight and really enjoyed your play by play description about how we found your truck and restored it. Got a big chuckle again about the infamous 710 plug! Missed you last year on the Nebraska Rod and Custom "Tour Nebraska". Still have my '68 C-10 and hope to convert the front end to disk brakes before the Tour in June. By the way, I'm retiring next Friday!
24 March 2010 - Bennet, NE

Garrett |
Great article on the 1930s Magic Chef restoration. I bought the same stove in Limon, CO when it was on its way to a dump. It's been moved 8 times to MO, MD, MA, OH, CT and NH. I even used it for several years when my house was broken into and the brand new stove, refrigerator, kitchen sink and all the bathroom fixtures were stolen! Only used the top burners because I never figured out how to light the oven. (thank God for microwaves) This month I finally decided to freshen it up as you did. Really appreciated learning about the oven pilot light and thermostat sensitivity. Many Thanks.
11 March 2010 - Amherst, NH => Punta Gorda, Florida

Michael Reitenbach |
Thanks for all the great ideas. I am just starting to restore an old 1950 Tappan Deluxe oven that's been in the family for 60 years. My mom said she would use it again if it worked like it did way back when. Wish me luck.
3 March 2010 - Akron, Ohio

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