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Marcus Henry |
I have a 1968 GMC my dad bought new in "68". I got the truck when I was 18 and used it as a daily driver and show and shine truck for about 10 years. It was then time for a restoration. That didn't go as planned. A divorce, and a job that kept me on the road most of the time got in the way. Now 20 something years later she's back in the garage getting torn down for a full frame off. You posted some great info here. I'll drop by from time to time.
15 May 2011 - Tulalip, Wa

Joe M Wells Jr |
I have been working on a 1969 GMC fleetside for almost five years. It has turned into a "budget" frame off so I can relate to all your stories. Thanks for your tips and tricks.
5 May 2011 - Victoria, Texas

Jessica M. |
Well I am going to have to agree with all the posts on your website! I am so very appreciative of your attention to detail. There are things you just can't learn from a Hayne's manual! I purchased my 1972 GMC 1500 Custom for $150 cash. No engine, no transmission, not even matching tires or rims. But when I saw this truck I knew that we were meant to be. Being a 21 yr old girl in a small city has its disadvantages, but with finds like this in surrounding regions, it makes life a little easier. I've been around cars my whole life and thought I knew most tricks, but when I read through your trials with Maych, it really taught me a thing or two! Thank you again so very much =)
9 November 2010 - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Phil |
I stumbled into your website via the ID section on 67-72 GMC model differences. What a great resource, as I am trying to build a 1/25 model of my first vehicle ever, a 1968 GMC shortbed fleetside pickup with a V-8. We bought it up in 1970 for $1800, and I drove it for three years. I camped by sleeping in the the box, and made friends by helping them move. Then all of a sudden, my parents "re-possesed" it for its higher trade in value, and I was given the keys to the family 4 door '64 Chevelle Malibu with a 194 CID 6 cylinder. That was really a great little engine--remember that gas prices went from .33/gallon to $1 in the early 70s and that Chevelle was practical and reasonably powerful. But I missed my GMC as it was reliable, useful, and at times-- fast.! I've since driven Dodge pickups and now have a Ford F-250 SD, and have found it to be one darn good truck.
My hat is off to you for your beautiful and painstaking restoration of your '72 GMC. I also know that I will never be able to afford the 1/1 scale-- real thing, but it makes me appreciate the folks out there who pursue and restore their vehicles. Those GMCs were beautiful looking trucks with the 4-section grille and simple but elegant lines. I would if I could.!
17 October 2010 - Maryland, USA

Don |
I will soon be starting the Scenic Ridge Railway with a western look - the town of Gold Hill, Nevada. Your site and comments are extremely helpful to me. Thanks for the site!!
6 October 2010 - Las Vegas, NV

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