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Allen |
09-02-12: Recently purchased a 1972 GMC 1500 4X4 pickup, just for a fun project for around town. Found this web site when trying to figure what year models had the most interchangable parts. Looks like 1969-1972 is good to go. Mine has a 350ci V8 with side lake pipes which is interesting and 350 turbo hydromatic transmission. Most of the mechanical stuff was already addressed prior to purchase. It had been sitting for a few years and has a stuck hydrolic exhaust lifter in one cylinder, why I don't know. Can't free it up so I'll likely pull the intake manifold off and swap the lifter out. If the engine still has problems, I have another complete used 350 engine to drop in. I was actually thinking of swaping the intake to accept a dual quad carb set up. Has anyone done that as I currently have no clue if the stock 350 will run well with dual quads or how to keep the carbs syncronized. Would sure look and sound cool. The body has some rust and a few rot spots but I have a bunch of new body parts that I bought with the truck to swap out too. The biggest problem is the left front roof corner rot at the top of the support. Any suggestions? Always looking for good used (sometimes new) parts sources and other people in the know for contacts and advice.
2 September 2012 - Prospect, Connecticut 06712 USA

Randy Allen |
Thanks for all the info. I have the last truck my Granddad had, a 1967 C 10. His only other was a 1949 3100. My uncle still has it. My stepson and I were going to rebuild the 67 together, but he was killed in a crash a few months ago. I just want it out of the yard now. This truck only has 89,000 miles on it, but has pretty much set since 1987. I also had a 1964 C/20 that I put on a 78 1 ton 4x4 frame, and turned into a tilt front end, pulling truck. I still have my 69 and 86 C30s, and 83 and 93 shortbed 1/2 tons. I guess I'm a Bowtie addict.
7 July 2012 - Republic, Mo
Webmaster comments   I'm really sorry to hear about the lose of your stepson. I recently lost my wife and I know the pain it causes. Good luck to you on whatever you decide to do with your "Bowties".

Mark McBride |
Man, I had to post a message - first time I have ever done this. My dad had a 72 Chevy pickup identical to Maych except all red. This brought back memories and a dream I have to again someday own a similar pickup.

You did a marvelous job and I commend you! Good luck on your future trips and shows with Maych.
30 June 2012 - Springfield, IL

julie |
I have a 1924 magic chef that I want to sell. It was the only working stove in my house but it could use some restoration. Do you know where I can sell it to someone who will treat it right? I am in IL, practically your neighbor!
6 May 2012 - Chicago

Karl Seelite |
If you care to pity a 74 yr. young model railroader, would you email me with an APROX. amount of time the entire Scenic Ridge Kit took to complete.

Thanks for any response.
3 February 2012 - Kingston NY (rural)

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