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I am Johnny Patterson and I live real close to the middle of the United States.  The state I live in has an Indian name meaning  "broad, flat water", which pretty much sums up the state's geography.  For those of you that do not speak Ogallala, the state is Nebraska

Chronicles is probably self-explanatory, but just in case it isn't, a chronicle is "an extended account in prose or verse of historical events".   OK, so why Pattson when my last name is Patterson?  I first used this derivation of my last name when I was setting up my very first email account.  I was a little late to the email scene and by the time I arrived all of the really good email names (like Patterson) were taken.  Who'd have thought Patterson was so popular.  Anyway, I settled on Pattson.  Now I've got the moniker Pattson  scattered all over the internet, so I guess I'm stuck with it.  Actually, I've grown to like the name (although not enough to legally change my name), so I decided to use it for this little endeavor.

The tabs on the left will take you to some of the activities in my life I've decided to chronicle and share with others.  These activities are not particularly unique, but I've found them interesting.  Perhaps you will also.



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