August 3, 2002
One evening, about a week after I had sent Alan (the paint and body guy) the photo of the original paint scheme on the tailgate, he called me at home to say that Maych was finished.  He said I could pick him up anytime, but not to wait too long because he was nervous that Maych would get scratched sitting around the shop.  He said to give him a couple of days notice and he would have him all washed and ready to go.  I told Alan I would call him in a day or two and let him know when I was coming down.

I couldn't give Alan a firm date at the time he called because Maych wasn't "road ready" -- he didn't have bumpers, taillights, or inner fenders.  A friend of mine, Dave, offered the loan of his trailer and his help to go get Maych and I needed to check with him before I gave Alan a firm date.  Dave is the same guy that went with me when I first looked at Maych, so I suspected he agreed to help me pick up Maych because he was curious to see how he looked with a new paint job.  I talked with Dave the next day and he said he was free for the upcoming weekend.  On Wednesday evening, I called Alan and said we be there Saturday morning about 10:00 o'clock. 

When Dave and I drove up to Alan's shop on Saturday morning, the atmos- phere around the shop reminded me of those occasions when someone is going off to college or military service.  Alan was there, along with his wife and kids.  Even the dog was there, sensing something was up.  Alan's wife gave me a couple of pictures of Maych she had taken the day before.  Alan had rolled out his restored 1965 Mustang to sit beside Maych when she took the pictures, so it was kind of like a family portrait.  Spooky.

After chewing the fat for a while, Alan backed Maych out of the shop while Dave prepared the trailer.  I decided to let Alan drive Maych up on the trailer, figuring that if he damaged it, he'd have to fix it.  Also, with the bench seat removed, I wasn't too thrilled about sitting on a five gallon bucket will trying to get Maych on the trailer.  In short, I wasn't the best one for this job because I would tend to be too careful.  It has been my experience that the more careful you try to be, the more you are prone to accidents and mishaps.

You'll notice in the above photos that Dave's tow vehicle is a rare 50th Anniversary, 1968 Chevy C-10.  This combo turned a lot of heads on the trip back to Dave's place.  Maych proved to be quite a load for Dave's small block 327.  Before we got back to Dave's, his pickup was running a little warm and was clattering quite a bit.  He said he thought the timing was a bit off and he would need to look at it before he hauled anything else.  Other than the strain on his engine, nothing bad of major importance happened on the trip back to Dave's.  We did stop once to re-tighten the chain binders.  By the time we arrived at Dave's I was feeling confident enough to back Maych off the trailer and pull him into Dave's garage.  The 5 gallon bucket I used for a seat was better than nothing, but only barely.

We towed Maych to Dave's place because my wife and I are temporarily living in an apartment with no garage and our retirement house in Grand Island has only a one-car garage at the present.  Actually, the garage is big enough for two cars but the current garage door is only wide enough for one car - go figure.  My plans are to replace the current door with a two-car model and then drive Maych to his new home sometime around December.  In the meantime, Maych is safely tucked away in Dave's garage and we can begin putting him back together for the trip to his new home.



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